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Emmanuel, God With Us

ADVENT SERIES: Love With Dr. Abigail Favale 🎧

Almost out of time! ⏰

Purity culture, pronouns, and pregnancy--oh my!

ADVENT SERIES: Joy with Gloria Purvis 🎧

The Outrage Economy

ADVENT SERIES: Peace with Alissa Molina 🎧

FOLLOW: A Benediction

ADVENT SERIES: Hope With Tsh Oxenreider 🎧

Every Girl Deserves an Education. Period.

Longing for the Beautiful

MLMs and Catholic feminism

FOLLOW: Just take a break

Voting as a Catholic feminist, struggling with NFP, #girlboss culture, favorite books, and so much more

Why am I the only fat one here?

To lament + reconcile

FOLLOW: Posting with intention

When Truth and Mercy Meet

Myths + Facts about the TX abortion law

FOLLOW: A path forward

To those of us who don't fit in

The Gospel according to Kendi

May justice roll. πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

FOLLOW: How social media killed nuance

Feeling abandoned by the church? Read this.

How much is enough?

FOLLOW: "Hate Following" and my online nemesis

Limited seats remaining! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Getting people back to the pews

A complete joy

FOLLOW: We're all still cavewomen, kinda.

Reading books that say the "f" word

On birthrates + Bruenig

Well, THAT'S awesome.

[Don't] stay in your lane.

FOLLOW: Instaevangelists + an Empty Gospel

Is the gender pay gap real?

On the Equality Act

FOLLOW: Logging Out and Leaning In [Intro]

Daring to Call God Mother?

Suffragettes you *need* to know about

Just a reminder--it's the last day!

Mini$try + Money

$500 off our pilgrimage!

To Thin Mint or not to Thin Mint?

Is everything a pro-life issue?

Tribalism, Gloria Purvis, and the Rest of Us